Must haves for the Holistic Medicine Cabinet

Do you have a medicine cabinet at home? If you don’t it would be a great time to start. A medicine cabinet can be stocked to deal with common minor medical conditions to prevent you needing to leave home to seek help when you don’t feel great. If you already have a medicine cabinet full of OTC painkillers, antiseptics and plasters you can do much better than that!!!

In this article I’ll cover top must have remedies for the holistic home medicine cabinet. These are also essentials for travelling to make sure you don’t get caught out when away from home and out of your comfort zone.

Sunara Acute Crisis

Ishtara centre formulates its own brand of vibrational elixirs for many common complaints and conditions. Our most popular remedy by far is Sunara Acute Crisis. I think this remedy is a desert island remedy. If I was stuck on a desert island and could only take one remedy with me it would be this. Sunara Acute crisis brings you back to your base, collects scattered energies and consolidates your core strength. So it’s useful in any sudden – acute condition or situation whether the assault is mental/emotional or physical. Some people have found benefit of regular use of acute crisis during stressful or overwhelming days as well as a few short sharp doses to quell anxiety or panic.

Activated Charcoal

This simple age old remedy works wonders for digestive disturbances of all kind. Many people know Activated Charcoal is administered to patients in hospital who have ingested poisons. But it works well for simple food poising or upset stomachs as well. I recommend it as the first thing for indigestion, gassiness, and bloatedness. Also useful for nausea vomiting and diarrhoea. Best part is its completely safe, Activated Charcoal isn’t absorbed in your body, it moved through the digestive tract absorbing and binding toxins, preventing absorption.

Tea Tree Oil

This wonder essential oil is for external use only. Dilute one or two drops in 1/2 tsp of coconut oil or fragrance free moisturizer to apply to cuts scrapes pimples or blemishes . Tea Tree is potently antibacterial and anti fungal. It’s all natural and just works.

Arnica gel

Arnica has converted more skeptics to natural medicine than you can possibly count. Arnica a mountain herb native to the European Alps has been used for centuries by hikers and mountain climbers to soothe sore muscles, strains and sprains. Again for external use only and not for broke skin, rub on and experience benefits within a few hours.

Arsenicum Album Homeopathic remedy

Useful for exposure to toxins such as pesticides, insecticides and chemicals inhaled in smoke or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in paints and solvents. That toxic feeling can be rapidly remedied by a 1-3 short sharp doses of Arsenicum Album 30c or 200c. Arsenicum is also great for acute nausea vomiting and diarrhea.

Sunara Traumheel

Another Ishtara formulation, these drops are great for any physical injury whether that be surgical /dental or accidental (broken bones, cuts, bumps bruises, sprains and strains). Traumheel will support rapid healing and help to reduce the risk of complications developing.

Vitamin C

No debate here, hopefully everyone has this at home. If you feel run down and it’s possible you may be coming down with a viral illness, take vitamin C regularly to boost your immunity. 1000mg a day is safe for regular use. If you haven’t been using it regularly 2000-3000mg can be taken as a single dose before bed to try to kick an infection from settling in.

Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate)

Not for use as a laxative (there are better things) but for foot soaks to prevent leg cramps, soothe leg and ankle pains and promote a great nights sleep. Epsom salts are also anti-fungal so can help to treat or prevent foot fungus. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin and warm water in your foot soak is best to open up circulation and your pores. Add 2 generous handfuls to your foot spa or bucket of water.

Lavender Essential Oil

Pure lavender oil is useful to unwind after a hard day especially if your mind is preoccupied and you feel tense. It promotes a better night sleep as well. You can dap a few drops on your pillow or rub a drop or two on your temples or neck. Lavender diluted into a base oil such as coconut makes an excellent massage oil to soothe aching muscles and promote deep relaxation.

An article by Dr. Nilash Ramnarine


  1. I love this!!! I will surely be redoing my cabinet. Thank you for putting things in order for us!

  2. Will surely consider restocking my medicine cabinet with these useful products. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the distance from the comfort zone. Keep pioneering and we will meet you on the next side of vibrant health.

  4. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering whether there is an expiry date for these medicines.

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