man in yellow protective suitAuthor: Dr C.H.Ramnarine

We live, move and have our being in a quantum field. In such a field we are not limited by space and time. Mankind lives in a linear reality and his belief is guided as such. There was a time when we lived with land lines and so we thought our conversations were held secured within the confines of the insulation of the cable. We were not aware that the content of our conversation was available everywhere on the planet and the entire universe. Through the internet everything is connected. WiFi is totally invisible and it functions perfectly for all or most of us.

All pandemics are man made and I am not suggesting that one or more humans conspired to create it. It is too large for a few to create and we must not give credit where it is not due. The collective thoughts of all human beings merging within the quantum field has created this pandemic! The stench of selfishness, greed, carelessness and the need to dominate and rule hits our olfactory senses every single day. That is the real contagion and it downloads into our fluids which influence our microbiomes, creating viruses within. That’s the Law of Karma in action which is referred to as the Law of Attraction.

In a quantum field viruses can spread in two ways, physically from human to human and also from the field to humans. Viruses are microscopic creatures made up of Energy enfolded in Matter and they can have a dual nature depending on the consciousness of mankind. When the consciousness is elevated, positive viruses are generated from the microbiome and enter the cellular genome. The result is a more enlightened cell. On the other hand, when the consciousness takes a nose dive into the selfish/ greed mode, the viruses that appear take over and destroy cells, organs and bodies.

We live in the 21st Century and so much has been accomplished in the field of IT and AI. Yet medical science is telling us there are no solutions to this pandemic. What a situation we have found ourselves in. So we have to resort to techniques like washing hands, wearing face masks, keeping prescribed distances apart and isolation to solve the problem. This is all good and perhaps effective in containing the spread of the virus.
In the meantime, it would appear that the intelligence in all human beings which is absolutely needed to find a solution, has been quarantined.

So far, this pandemic has generated fear, terror and panic at one level; at another, generalised flu-like symptoms and significant lower respiratory tract disease.
Without a clear and effective solution to allay our fears and to heal our bodies we have to resort to the basics ie drinking clean water, fresh air, healthy eating, exposure to sunlight and adequate sleep and of course the prescribed isolation. I would assume in our imposed isolation that we would have enough time to go within to connect with the Source of Life and Healing.

I have heard of research being conducted in cellular biology where algorithms are informing cells in living organisms to generate a little known Energy which causes all pathological cells including bacteria, cancer cells, viruses and parasites to undergo apoptosis. Could this be the answer to eradicate all diseases?

In the modern world our immune system is constantly at work having to cope with hundreds of chemical toxins, electro-smog and pathogenic organisms. This generates a high degree of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders. What these Scientists are saying is that with the new biology the immune system would be like the guards at Buckingham palace, aware, alert, on guard but having little to do.

This certainly speaks of a higher level of consciousness. Perhaps the dawn of Homo Deus.



  1. Thanks guys there is a lot going on behind the scenes with the great awakening of humanity – this is not just about a virus it covers much more extensive themes like personal power and the social control structure. We are in the midst of a huge revolution in consciousness or this is possible if people wake up.. I like what Dr Harry said here. It’s a good reminder that our personal power is in our connection to the Quantum field not in some policy makers hands… Stay safe and in the light everyone!


  2. Hi Dr. Harry, thanks for reminding us of our electromagnetic transmitting power at this special time. I have also been reading about 5-G and the history of pandemics after intensification of electrification of our planet. Interested in your thoughts on that.

  3. Thank you. It reminds me that each of us has the power to make a difference and United we are powerful. Why not suggest a time that all of us can meditate together so that we can make a greater impact on our world.

  4. Thanks for your wisdom Dr Ramnarine… It’s time we take personal responsibility for our level of consciousness…

  5. Excellent article that gives the pandemic a holistic perspective and points us in the direction of self healing

  6. Thank you, Dr Ramnarine for this email. Somehow I have been able to see through the trickery behind this virus “threat” and do not bother with it. However my sons are obviously not of my view, unfortunately for them.

  7. Too much is amiss, this thing is not what it appears to be; we’ve got to b on our guard for a sinister design. Inner strength is absolutely needed

  8. These words of wisdom is totally appreciated as it illuminate/activate one’s enlightenment in regard to self healing !

  9. Thank you Dr. C.H. Ramnarine for this brilliant, well-written article and definitely food for thought on self-healing.

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