As with a lot of these little musings I’ve written, it always come from a trend that I notice with the patients we see. Something that has permeated our souls in the past few months is, persistent, unwanted worry. It has infected almost every thought, and affected a large part of our daily lives.

I sit back and wonder if all this worry is as a result of the times that we live in. “Economic crisis”, “loss of morality”, “i can’t understand these young people”, are just a few phrases I hear on a daily basis. There is no doubt in my mind that the bounty of yesteryear is but a pleasant memory, and times are a bit more difficult for everyone, myself included.

A large chunk of people I’ve spoken to, worry about the state of the economy, and the state of the country, and the state of jobs etc etc. They worry about what will they will have to do to survive, the things they will have to cut out, the luxuries they will have to forgo.

Children and family are another huge contributor to the amount of worry on someone’s mind. Kids coming home later than expected are automatically thought of to be in a ditch somewhere, riddled with bullet holes or whatever of the sort our imagination can conjure up. Fathers who are sick, mothers who are old, sisters who are living on their own, are all objects of our worry.

We also worry about ourselves… ALOT. We worry about if we will pass the exam, whether our wives or husbands are faithful to us, whether we will lose our jobs. For a small portion of us, the slightest headache is imagined as the beginnings of a stroke, or the joint pain could be rheumatoid arthritis.

These are a few examples of the trends of worry we have noticed in the recent past.

I often joke with the patients, if they could tell me one problem which worrying has solved, I will give them a free visit. I am happy to report thus far, everyone has paid.

Worrying does not change the state of the economy, it does nothing to bring the son home sooner or help the sick relative or friend.


This is why I have chosen to write this article. If worrying did no harm, I would be happy to leave well alone, but it doesn’t. Worrying not only negatively affects the person who is worrying, but it really affects the object of that person’s worry.

To the person who is worrying, it saps their mental energy and fortitude. It takes up precious vitality, when in a time of crisis, should instead, be directed towards finding a solution to the problem. It leaves the worrier tired, drained, and that low energy state puts them at risk for chaos to sweep into their lives.

To the object of the worry, I give this analogy; I am sure most of us at some point in our lives were taught, to clasp our hands, and close our eyes and pray. Pray for health, pray for wealth, pray for safety amongst other nice things. Essentially, see yourself healthy, see yourself wealthy and see yourself safe and sound. In doing that, we are putting it out there to the universe, however we choose to define the “universe”, that this is what we want. In our focus, we are directly funding energy and intent to that outcome. Now here’s the most important thing in this entire blurb of an article. WHEN WE WORRY, WE ARE DIRECTLY CHANNELING ENERGY TO THE VERY OUTCOME WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT. This is how we hurt ourselves and our loved ones when we worry about them.

That aunty who is in the hospital, stop worrying about her. Stop seeing her already in a coffin. See her happy and healthy amongst family and friends.

The uncle who just lost his job, stop worrying about him. Stop seeing him already on the breadline and bankrupt. See him finding an opportunity of a lifetime, that will allow him to work hard to look after himself and those around him.

The son who hasn’t come home from hanging out yet, stop worrying about him. Stop seeing him in a ditch somewhere. See him happy, safe and totally at peace.

In essence my friends, let us hold up positive thoughts as a shield towards the scourge of worry that is sweeping out beautiful island. When the feelings of worry come bubbling up from within us, let us make a conscious effort to raise positive thoughts instead. That is the best way we can help ourselves and our loved ones. Let us fund energy instead towards solving the big problems. Let us be WARRIORS, not WORRIERS.



  1. Very well said Dr R. Its something I’m consciously striving to do. And I do see others around me sapped of energy for the very same reason.

  2. Excellent advice Dr. Roshan. When i read this I remembered this statement ” The universe has infinite possibilities, there is enough jobs, finances, great opportunities available within this universe” taken and adapted from Dr. Wayne Dyer. So why worry right?

    I believe that worrying is not because of just the present times. Present times may have increased the worrying in most people. If we look at history centuries ago, when there is a decline in society, humanity had to face these situations.

    So I see worrying as a learned pattern, from previous generations. This maybe due to several reasons, lack of faith being one. I remembered my father saying …i worry sometimes and i also saw my mother worrying all the time. This showed me a different side of worrying.

    Lol now i’m am worrying that i am writing too much….just kidding.

    Let’s stop worrying. Thank you very much Dr. Roshan this article is appreciated.

  3. Thank you for your post. This was a great reminder for me and we need to make a concerted effort to improve our thoughts and mindset.

    What we focus our thoughts and energy on is what we manifest more of in our daily lives.

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